Thursday, November 19, 2009


So, I woke up this morning and got a surprise... it was cold!  For the most part, I can't really complain about the weather here.  When I initially showed up in Kuwait, there were a few days where it got up into the mid 90's around lunch time, but for the most part it was comfortably in the 80's during the day and down in the 70's at night.  Here, it hasn't been much different.  From what I've researched online, where I'm at can be horrendous in the summer (up to the 130's), but right now weather hasn't been bad.  Most days, it's warm enough that you might get a little sweaty if you're walking a long distance or wearing body army, but otherwise it's fairly comfortable.  Anyways, last night I'd left my window open as there wasn't much wind and I felt like my CHU needed to be aired out some.  I woke up this morning and it was in the mid-50's!!  Thankfully, my sheet and poncho liner (basically a camouflage blanket with a few strings attached so that it can be combined with a poncho to form a sleeping bag in a pinch) had kept me warm.  But, as soon as I was out of bed, I was shivering.  It's warmed up through the day today, but I'm wondering whether we won't need some more of that nifty cold weather gear that the Army issued me than I thought.  It's supposed to be in the low 50's again tonight.  I still don't expect to need the 3-inch-thick snowsuit that I was given anytime soon (which is good because I think it's still on a boat somewhere on it's way here right now), but some of the other lighter stuff may get some use.
 In the grand scheme of things, I probably shouldn't complain.  I've got one friend in Afghanistan right now, with a few more likely on their way soon, and from what I understand, it gets much colder there, to include snow in the wintertime.
Otherwise, things are going well here.  Yesterday I worked in the clinic all day and I'm really enjoying working with all of the medics that we have.  As I'd mentioned before, they've still got alot to learn about taking care of patients, but they're always in great spirits and eager to learn, so I think they'll do well. 

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