Friday, November 13, 2009

I'm here... finally

So, I've reached my final destination, at least until they decide to move me again.  I haven't really started working much yet, but I was able to feel my way around camp today and get my living quarters set up.  As I'm officer, I get to live in what's referred to in the Army as a CHU (pronounced like you're sneezing), otherwise known as a Containerized Housing Unit.  Basically, it's a small 6 x 12, air-conditioned, furnished shipping container.  It's not huge, and it's certainly not dust-tight, but it's home.  Thankfully, I have the CHU to myself for the moment.  At alot of other sites around the country, docs who outrank me are having to sleep 2 to a CHU, which can get a bit cramped.  Most of the enlisted soldiers here are sleeping in tents that have been "foamed" with this insulating foam that helps to keep in the air conditioning and keep out the noise.  The end result is pretty nice inside... although the outside looks like something out of Star Wars.
The last occupant of my CHU left behind quite a bit of stuff, including a refrigerator and an electric flyswatter!  (It's like a bug zapper fused with a tennis racket, you charge it, and then hold down a button and start swinging. I don't have any bugs in my room currently, but I'm contemplating leaving my door open for a while just so I can try it out.)  So that, combined with a few purchases (sheets, etc) at the PX today and I was good to go.  Thankfully, after a few weeks of sleeping on a cot, all the sleeping quarters here have beds with real (albeit only 3 inches thick) mattresses.  I hadn't realized how poorly I'd been sleeping on the cots before until I slept on the mattress again last night.
There's internet access, and even sattelite TV, available in your room here (even if you live in a tent) if you want to pay for it.  I think the sattelite's probably a bit much, but I may try the internet out eventually.  In the meantime, we've got an internet lab next to the hospital which is giving me what I need.


  1. hoping you'll keep busier now, since I knew you were tired of waiting :-)

  2. Glad you are settled. 6 x 12 -- that's pretty small!

  3. My granddaughter, Jill, had one of those swatters. It really lit up when it hit a fly...she used it for spiders...but it works well until the battery goes dead. I love reading your blog and keeping up with you. YOu are in my prayers always.